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Saturday, 29 November 2014

British Government Must Honor It Promised By Lord Lansdowne To Protect Sarawak Rights To Secede

(Lord Lansdowne Written Promised in English)

(In Bahasa Malaysia)

Lord Lansdowne says, “any State voluntarily entering a federation had an intrinsic right to secede at will,"

British or UK government must Honor it promised by Lord Lansdowne in (The Inter-Government Committee Report (IGC) 1963), To Protect Sarawak Rights to Secede from the Federation of Malaysia, anytime they wish.

During the World War 2, our ancestors had sacrifice themself to protected and help Major Tom Harrisson & The British Army & The Allied during the war with the Japanese, and we took pride in helping the British. Now we just want the British to Honor their promised to protected Sarawak rights when Sarawak agreed to form Malaysia with 3 others Independence countries that is Sabah (North Borneo), Singapore & Malaysa. We were promised that Sarawak, Sabah (North Borneo), Singapore & Malaya will be an Equal Partners in the Federation, and our Rights will be protected including our Rights to "Freely Leave The Federations of Malaysia anytime". Because this is our Rights as an "Equal Partners" of the Federation of Malaysia, and we are not a Colony of Malaya.

This Rights of "Freedom To Leave The Federation of Malaysia Anytime We Want" must be protected by every Parties who involve in the formation of Federation of Malaysia. Because Sarawak, Sabah (North Borneo), & Malaya are an Equal Partners who form this Federation of Malaysia together. So Malaya have no right to force or intimidate any members of this Equal Partnership who together form Malaysia to stay.

We Sarawakians will continue to fight & will not remain silence when we Sarawakians are still forever treated like a SECOND CLASS Citizen in our own Motherland by our "Apartheid" Malaya government who will do anything to stay in power.
Sarawak will continue to fight for FREEDOM & FIGHT INJUSTICE !!!

For generations we Sarawakians are always living like brothers & sisters even we from 40 different races and different religions. But we Sarawakians love our Muslim friends, our Dayaks friends, our Chinese friends and our Indians friends. So we must always be proud of our unity. 

So in the next election, we Sarawakians must stop voting for this racist UMNO/BN party.
We also hope all Sarawak BN parties will leave this racist UMNO party coalition, because as long as UMNO rules Malaysia, we Sarawakians, others BN parties, Opposition parties, minority people & our future grandchildren will continue to be treated like a SECOND CLASS Citizen in our own Motherland forever !!!

Hopefully Sarawak or Malaysia will no longer need political party base on "Race" or "Religions" anymore because this will only lead to more oppression and destroy our unity. 

I'm the owner of this blog Sarawak Independence is giving permission to anyone to copy this message and share with other Sarawakian. Maybe you guys can copy this message and put it on leaflet paper and share it with all rural people living in the longhouse and to every Sarawakian.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Here Why Sarawak Want Out From Malaysia & Become Independence

The questions is , why we Sarawakians want Sarawak to get out from Malaysia?
So here is some of the reasons why:

1. First reason is, because Sarawak joining and forming Malaysia with others 3 countries is a big mistake.

2. Second reason is, because Sarawak was force  to join Malaysia without the consent of all Sarawakians people. It is very clear there are many riots and protesters all around Sarawak to protest Sarawak not to join Malaysia. So it is very clear that there is no proper referendum was held in Sarawak, to ask whether Sarawakian want to join Malaysia or not.

3. The third reason is, because after over 50 years in Malaysia, our longhouses still don't have clean tap water, and no electricity 24 hours, and our longhouses is still not get connected by tar seal roads. Plus Sarawak deserve to have a very good 4 line Highway Road too just like Malaya. If the government said they don't have money they are clearly lying because Sarawak have oil and gas.

4. The 4th reason is, because Sarawakians are still treated like a second class citizen. You can asked any Sarawakians and they will tell you their story and experience how most Malayan people like to mock us, belittle us, and looking down on us, and treated us like a second class citizen just because we are Sarawakian. Even applying for government jobs or getting promotion is also hard for Sarawakians.

5. The 5th reason is, because Sarawak is not treated like an equal partner to Malaya. We must always remember Federation of Malaysia was form by 4 countries, this 4 countries are Sarawak, Sabah, Singapore and Malaya. So always remember Sarawak is a country not a state, and remember Sarawak become independence on 22 July 1963. But without our knowledge on 1976 the Malaya government had change our Sarawak Country status into a mere "state" status without the consent of the Sarawakians people. So this is a clear violation of our rights and very illegal.

6.  The 6th reason is, because when we form Federation of Malaysia, all party had agreed that Malaysia will have "Freedom of Religions". But sadly the Malaya government are now broken our Freedom of Religions laws, because they now openly confiscated our Christian Bibles, and also now the Christians is not allowed to used the words "Allah" in Peninsular. So this is a clear violations of our human rights. Sarawakians must also remember that "Freedom of Religions" is clearly protected in our Federal Constitution of Malaysia, which is the supreme law of Malaysia. So remember that no one is above the laws, but now the Malayan government or now openly breaking our Federal Constitution law which is our supreme law of Malaysia. So with all this human rights violations we can bring Malaya government to our Malaysia supreme court or International court if we want to, because no one is above the Laws.

7. The 7th and the Final reason is, because under United Nations laws, we have a rights for self determinations or become independence. So Sarawakians people must remember it is not wrong or seditious if we Sarawakians want to get out and become independence. So we should not be intimidate by any people who try to stop us from becoming independence, because this people are against UN laws, and we can bring this people to international court if they try to oppress or intimidate us !!!

So Sarawakians People Must Always Remember & Keep Fighting For Our Rights !!!

For generations we Sarawakians are always living like brothers & sisters even we from 40 different races and different religions. But we Sarawakians love our Muslim friends, our Dayaks friends, our Chinese friends and our Indians friends. So we must always be proud of our unity. So let us all Sarawakians united and support Sarawak for Independence.

REMEMBER with all the resources we have Sarawak will soon become one of the richest country in the world if we become Independence !!!



I'm the owner of this blog Sarawak Independence is giving permission to anyone to copy this message and share with other Sarawakian. Maybe you guys can copy this message and put it on leaflet paper and share it with all rural people living in the longhouse and to every Sarawakian.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sarawak Next Big Plans After We Become Independence

This is my proposal to Sarawak after we get out from Malaysia and become Independence.

Our beloved country Sarawak should created a big plans for our future on how to make Sarawak more successful and more prosper. So I highly suggest Sarawak to become a "Nation of Producer". We must remember countries like America, Europe, Japan, Korea and China are successful and become a super power country is because they are a "Nation of Producer". And this countries produce and export so many products from electronic devices, high tech products, to farming tools, also produce foods and produce military weapons. And China will replace America to be the next super power in the near future because China is the biggest Nation of Producer, and also every countries in this world is depending on China products. That why today China is a very rich country in the world.

So our beloved country Sarawak should become a "Nation of Producer" and we should follow and copy country like America, Japan and China so Sarawak can be successful, prosper and become a very rich country in the world and become Super power in Asia and in the World.

This Is Our Beloved Country Sarawak Should Do After We Independence:

1. First step, Sarawak should strive to become a world producer of electronic device, we should created and export high tech products like TV, Radio, Mobile Phone, Computer, Laptop, and all electronic device. But we should strive to make our products is the best in the world, with the highest quality, but our products must also cheap because this will attract many people to buy our products because they are cheap but have high quality. This should help create more income and money for our country so Sarawak can be a very rich country in the world.

2. Second step, Sarawak should strive to become the world biggest producer of foods and meat. Sarawak should strive to become the world biggest producer of rice, potatoes, wheat, coffee, cocoa, pepper and rubber, and also Sarawak should strive to become the world bigger producer of Cow meat and Pork meat, because there are high demand for this meat from people around the world. This ways we can add more income and money for our country so Sarawak can be a very rich country in the world. We should have no problems to achieve this vision because Sarawak was blessed with big land we can use.

3. To contribute for the science community, we should created the world biggest satellite dish in the world. Currently the world biggest satellite dish is in Puerto Rico, so hopefully we can replace them to be the world biggest satellite dish in the world. And the world scientist around the world are welcome to use our satellite dish for scientific purpose.

4. To join the elite group like America, Europe, Russia, Japan, Korea, India and China, and also to beef up Sarawak security for future and become a modern country, I highly recommend Sarawak to build our own Satellite and we must also able to launch our own Satellite into space. And we also can offer service to other countries and launch their Satellite into space for them, and we can also make money too by offering this service to them. So I highly recommend our beloved country Sarawak to build our own Space Agency, and we must have our own research & development center. This is very important because the next step for Human evolution and future is to explore our universe.

5. I also recommend Sarawak to use English as our first language in schools too, this way we can attract many foreign investors from outside to do businesses in Sarawak and this will created many jobs for Sarawakians. Using English will also make it easy for our students to continue their study because currently all the top University are located in English speaking countries like America, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Plus using English will allowed our students to work anywhere in the world too. I also believe using English will make Sarawak to replace Singapore as a business hub in South East Asian because foreign investors are considering Singapore is not friendly for business because Singapore government are controlling everything in Singapore and oppressing their own oppositions party and there is no Press Freedom in Singapore.

6. Also most important, we must train our soldiers to be the best soldiers in the world. So we must teach our soldiers to fight and defeat a big army, because security is important to every country. And most important all our soldiers should been given Bullet Proof Vest when they are in a combat or at war situation. Also Sarawak should continue to send all our Form 5 graduates for National Service training every year too, because this is important for our security, and our government should always keep improving our National Service training too. I recommend all our National Service trainee should always train with their Bullet Proof vest on their back.

7. To add to our country security, I highly recommend Sarawak to produce our own military weapons. Because we should learn from other successful country where they are producing their own weapons so they can defend them self from any larger enemy. So our beloved country Sarawak should have our own R&D Center or Research & Development Center for our Military to create new weapons, create high tech weapons and created new technology for our military and for our soldiers. I also recommend we build our own nuclear power submarine. Because nuclear power submarine is hard to detect by the enemy sonar radar compare to diesel power submarine, because diesel power submarine make a lot of noise, and also nucler power submarine is more quieter and hard to detect and it also can go far away too. I also highly recommend Sarawak to build our own Stealth Fighter Aircraft so our Fighter Jets will not get detected by enemy radar, because Stealth technology will give our military an edge over our enemy. We can also partner and work together with advance country like Australia or Germany or Japan to work together with them to created our Stealth Fighter Jets and our Stealth Submarine. We can also sell and export our home made weapons to other countries too so we can make a lot of money too and created income for our country. But most important, our home made weapons must have the best quality in the world, and our weapon must be the best in the world.

8. Most important, Sarawak should become a fully Democratic country when we get out from Malaysia and become Independence. And Sarawak should give freedom to every Sarawakian and must allowed for Peaceful Gathering protest or Peaceful Assemble law in Sarawak, so every Sarawakian can peacefully gathering at any place or any street, to protest for their right, without asking for the peaceful gathering permit from the police.

9. Our next important step is to pick a very qualified leader to lead our beloved country Sarawak. Most important we should not pick a leader base on their religion or their race, but we should pick a leader who is qualified based on their capability and merit. And Sarawak people are very smart people and we have many people who are qualified to lead us. And I highly suggest we can pick Idris Jala to lead us, because he had proven his track record to lead big international companies like Shell in United Kingdom and Shell in Sri Lanka and save this companies from bankruptcy. He also manage to save Malaysian Airline from bankruptcy too. So we can have full confident that Idris Jala can turn around our beloved country Sarawak to become more successful and more prosper in future, because we want a proven CEO and a leader who can lead Sarawak to be more successful and not just to be an average success. Plus Idris Jala is also currently are working hard under Prime Minister of Malaysia to make Malaysia a high income country, so with all his knowledge he can turn Sarawak into a high income country too. So I highly suggest Idris Jala to lead our beloved country Sarawak !!!! - (This is just my suggestion, you are free to your own opinion)

So our next step now is to get out from Malaysia just like Singapore did long time ago, and let Sarawak become Independence.


Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

I'm the owner of this blog Sarawak Independence is giving permission to anyone to copy this message and share with other Sarawakian. Maybe you guys can copy this message and put it on leaflet paper and share it with all rural people living in the longhouse and to every Sarawakian.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sarawakian Should Stop Voting For BN

After over than 50 years Sarawak rules by BN, our Sarawakian people living in the Longhouses still don't have clean tap water, and they still cannot enjoy electricity 24 hours, and our Longhouses still not get connected by tar road.If the BN government say they don't have money, they are lying because Sarawak have money from oil and gas.  So our rural people in the Longhouses should stop voting for BN because they are lying to the people. BN claim they already bring development to the longhouses people, and every election they promise to bring more development, but this is a big lie. After 50 years Sarawak under BN rules the longhouse people still don't have clean tap water, electricity 24 hours and no tar road. So don't believe in BN promise any more because they are a big liar, and 50 years of lying is enough !!!

And I hope our longhouse people will not fall for BN big lie to bring development any more. Before election BN will always give sweet promise to the longhouse people, and BN will give small KOPI O money around $1000 - $10,000 thousand to the longhouse people so people will vote for BN in the election. But don't fall for this trap anymore, because our longhouse people deserve better. And we cannot get clean tap water with this very small amount of money. Our longhouse people deserve to have clean tap water, and we deserve to have electricity 24 hours and tar road.

For many years BN promise to build highway road connecting Sarawak and Sabah or "Pan Borneo Highway", but this is also a big lie and BN never fulfill their promise to the people. Road condition in Sarawak is so poor, example the road connecting  Marudi to Miri is so bad, and I don't think a big bus can use this road because the road condition is so bad and very small. But people in Malaya have very good 4 lines highway, but sadly our highway in Sarawak had poor condition. We Sarawakian deserve to have a very good 4 lines highway too !!

umno/BN also had break the agreement of Freedom Of Religion when Sarawak agreed to form Malaysia with Malaya. Now under umno/Bn rules there is no Freedom Of Religion anymore. Now Christian living in Malaya is not allowed to use word Allah anymore. We Christians in Malaysia had used the word Allah for many years now and even Christians in Indonesian and in Arab are using this, but now umno/Bn is ban us from using this words. We should sue BN and everyone that support this ban because they are against the Agreement of Freedom Of Religion when Sarawak agreed to form Malaysia with Malaya. We should go to local court or at International court and sue them billion of dollar and make them pay, trust me we can win at the court because they are breaching a written agreement between Sarawak and Malaya when they form Malaysia.

 One of BN biggest crime in Sarawak is, they will blackmail all tuai rumah or longhouse leaders not to support for oppositions party, and if they support oppositions party this tuai rumah or this longhouse leaders will loose their job and their income. Some Tuai Rumah already lost their job for supporting opposition party. So BN/UMNO is committing a big crime because they are against the Democracy in Malaysian, because everyone have freedom to vote which party they want. We Sarawakian should bring BN party to court for using this evil tactic and bring them to justice because BN is not above the laws. This prove UMNO/Bn is a gangster and a big bully.

And BN will do anything to stay in power, and they also in the past under Mahathir rules giving million of Malaysian ID to illegal immigrants living in Sabah so they can vote for BN so they can win the election. And the worse is, the immigration agency and the police is also working for BN to stay in power, just remember under ISA where many opposition members was lock up by the police in the past. We Sarawakian should not scared by this evil tactic because umno/BN is a gangster and a big bully. Sarawakian should stand up and fight this bully.

Sarawak people should stop voting for BN, and don't listen to their sweet promise to bring development because this is just a big lie. And 50 years of lie from BN is enough !!!


I'm the owner of this blog Sarawak Independence is giving permission to anyone to copy this message and share with other Sarawakian. Maybe you guys can copy this message and put it on leaflet paper and share it with all rural people living in the longhouse and to every Sarawakian.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

How Sarawak Can Get Independence From Malaysia

There are 2 easy ways how Sarawak can get it Independence from Malaysia without bloodshed:

1. First way how we can gain our Independence:
We Sarawakian should copy how Kosovo got it Independence from Serbia.
Lesson we learn from Kosovo is, our Sarawak MP (member of parliment) should vote yes for our Independence in Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak, and after that Malaysian government will have to accept Sarawak is now an Independence country.
And if Sarawak Barisan Nasional MP don't want to help us, we Sarawakian should vote the opposition in the next election. I'm sure the opposition MP would love to help Sarawak to become Independence.
We Sarawakians should demand our MP to vote Yes for our Independence in Dewan Undangan Negari Sarawak soon.

2. Second way how we can gain our Independence:
Sarawakian can also follow South Sudan and held a referendum in Sarawak.
South Sudan gain their independence after 99% of South Sudanese voted to secede from the North. So Sarawak should held a referendum too, and let us vote for independence.

My message to Sarawakians is, let us work together and let us achieve our Independence soon.



2008 Kosovo Declaration Of Independence

South Sudan referendum: 99% vote for independence


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Yes We Can Be Independence Soon

‘Sarawak should leave Malaysia’ tops wish list in an online poll

April 15, 2011
SIBU, April 15 — An independent online survey among over 1,000 Sarawakians have found that a significant number express the wish that Sarawak should leave the federation of Malaysia and be its own sovereign country.
This was the most popular “wish” under a category of governance issues in the survey which was conducted through online social network Facebook and Twitter.
But talk of secession is considered seditious in Malaysia.
Other wishes include a corruption-free administration, separation of the judicial, executive and law-making branches of government, no politicisation of religion and total ownership of petroleum revenues.
The poll, called the “Sarawak Wish List”, was done by influential, non-partisan local youth group called the Sarawak Bloggers.
The survey was conducted from April 4 to 7 and is intended to present a collective voice to politicians ahead of the state election tomorrow.
Respondents, who were mainly young, tech-savvy Sarawakians, were asked to vote for what they considered to be the most pressing concern in Sarawak. Participants could only vote once for a concern or suggestion.
The poll garnered 3,780 votes within three days, said Eileen Foong, a member of the group.
The suggestion “Sarawak to leave Malaysia” attracted more than half of the 795 votes under the governance category. The category itself represented 21 per cent of the total votes cast.
Foong explained that the wish was rooted in the feeling that Sarawak had not prospered in tandem with the rest of Malaysia despite being one of its richest states.
“There is a feeling that many policies that do not really benefit us have been imposed on us from the peninsula, that there is a bias in terms of focus and development.
“So it’s another way of saying, because Sarawak has not really benefited from being part of Malaysia, maybe we’d be better off on our own,” she said.
“But this does not in any way mean that it’s achievable. It’s a sentiment based on frustration with how the federal government has treated Sarawak.”
Not all who were frustrated with unequal development voted to leave Malaysia however. The suggestion “faster and better development” was also a popular suggestion with 332 votes or nine per cent of total votes cast.
Overall, the biggest share of votes (22 per cent) went to a category on better road and transportation networks. This included suggestions for a public transport system, railroads and roads into every village.
Economic issues had the third largest vote pool (11 per cent) which reflected respondents’ wishes for more job opportunities, lower housing costs and lower petrol prices.
The rest of the categories comprised wishes for better education facilities such as universities and colleges and improved human rights such as titles for tribal land and total freedom of religion. Both garnered 6 per cent of total votes.
The remaining categories comprise suggestions under:
• the telecommunications category, for state-wide Wifi coverage and better mobile phone services (6 per cent)
• entertainment — local theme park, more events (5 per cent)
• forests and the environment — stop deforestation, no more dams (5 per cent)
• basic amenities — electricity and water supply for everyone (4 per cent)
• health facilities — more hospitals (3 per cent)
• reduce crime — (2 per cent)
A copy of the poll results has been handed over to some political parties contesting the election. The Sarawak Bloggers group however declined to reveal the identity of these parties.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wake Up Sarawakians

Police report against ranting Pembela

Tarani Palani | April 20, 2011
Muslim group's 'willing to shed blood against Christians who insult and ridicule Islam' statement, highly provovative, says lawyer.
PETALING JAYA: A distressed Christian lawyer today lodged a police report against Pembela (Muslim Organisations in Defence of Islam) alleging their ranting at the national mosque recently were racially insidious and highly provocative.
Annou Xavier lodged a report at the Petaling Jaya police station over the NGO’s (a coalition of 20 Muslim groups) protest on Friday over the government’s handling of the Malay bible issue.
The group claimed that Christians had gone overboard in defending the Malay bible issue.
“Their statements on Friday are insidious, seditious and highly provocative. They are willing to disrupt harmony, cause hatred, and raise disaffection with Christians and among other peace loving citizens of Malaysia,” said Annou, who had the backing of eight NGOs.
In his police report, Annou cited a news article from online news portal, The Malaysian Insider (TMI), which reported that Pembela had “declared they were willing to shed blood against ‘extremist’ Christians who insult and ridicule the position of Islam in this country.”
TMI also reported that Pembela had urged “all Muslims leaders to unite against extremist Christians who challenged and insulted Islam”.
Annou said that such statements were a “warning” and a “threat” to peace loving Malaysians despite their differing religious believes.
Among the groups that endorsed Annou’s police report were Council of Churches of Malaysia Youth (CCM Youth), Civil Rights Committee of the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (CRC-KLSCAH) and the Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF).
Furore over Malay bibles
In a joint statement, the civil groups said that they were disturbed as Friday’s protest was carried by the international media and hoped that police would prevent “any future intimidation and threats of violence against one another in public spaces.”
The home ministry caused a furore when it seized 35,000 copies of the Al-Kitab in Port Klang (in 2009) and Kuching Port on Jan 12 earlier this year for being a threat to national security.
After a public outcry, the government agreed to release the 5,100 bibles held in Port Klang but not before stamping them with the home ministry’s “For Christians Only” seal and a serial number on each copy.
This angered the importers who refused to collect the bibles, with numerous Christian groups accusing the government of desecrating the holy books.
Earlier this month, the government issued a 10-point solution to solve the issue, and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak promised that the bibles will never again be impounded.
However, the solution has not pleased all parties as several Christian groups have rejected it.